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Pay Per Click Case Study

In this PPC case study we will show you how we took an existing campaign, dropped the lead cost by over 85%, saved them thousands in ad spend, and 6x’d the monthly lead count.

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In this article, we’ll break down the strategies that helped us turn this campaign around… AND show you how to apply these strategies to your Google Ads PPC Campaigns!

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Geofencing Case Study

How Luxury a Car Dealership Brand Attracted Over 130 Prospects to Its Showroom

The following case study reveals how geotargeting enabled a luxury car dealership to attract 500 new customer prospects to its website and using geofencing attract 132 prospects to its showroom.

A Volvo dealership in the New York Tri-State metro wanted to increase brand awareness among its target audience of luxury car buyers, and bring those prospective buyers into its showroom.

While leveraging geofencing marketing, the dealership took these steps:

  • The dealership worked with our team to develop custom creative assets (banner ads).

  • The marketing team built geofences around areas with a very high concentration of car shoppers in the luxury market, including local competitive dealerships.

  • The marketing team set up a conversion zone around the actual dealership so it could successfully track customers who entered the established-targeted geofences and those who saw or clicked on the ads served, as well as those who actually visited the dealership’s showroom.

Along the way, the marketing partner and its team optimized the geofencing campaign, which included:

  • Running ads during the best-performing times of the day;
  • Eliminating low-performing apps and websites;
  • Testing the best-performing creative assets (turning off ads with low performance); and
  • Reallocating campaign budget to the geofences driving the most foot traffic to their dealership.

What Was Geofencing’s Impact?

The dealership and marketing team gained the following results and information from the geotargeting campaign:

  • Over a 30-day campaign test period, the marketing team delivered over 300,000 impressions;
  • 500 clicks were driven to the website (exceeding click-through-rate industry norms by 50%);
  • The campaign drove a minimum of 132 people to the dealership;
  • The average cost per visit was approximately $21.

The marketing team was able to track the dealership’s natural foot traffic (people who did not see its ads and went through the target geofenced areas) compared to campaign advertising foot traffic (those who did see its ads and went through the target geofenced areas). While natural foot traffic averaged 0.5%, campaign advertising traffic averaged 1.20%, giving the dealership a 140% geo-conversion lift in foot traffic.

Overall, geofencing marketing offers a way for dealers to effectively spend their marketing dollars on building brand awareness. Most importantly, they reach people who have indicated they’re in the market to purchase a vehicle. And dealerships can do it in a way that drives additional foot traffic to their showrooms in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Geofencing is not a replacement for dealership’s advertising budget, but it’s a great addition to the advertising mix.

Date September 15, 2018

Category: Automobile Cars, Geofencing, Retail & Franchises

Who Geofencing is Perfect For:

Restaurant Eats Up 300% Increase In Foot Traffic

A local pub in Canada was tired of the past marketing strategies they implemented. They utilized social media, direct media, and even billboard advertising. As a 20 year old restaurant, the company became a staple in the area, but tourists and locals are always looking for new spots and options to choose from.

The restaurant had great food, beer specials, and even morning breakfast options. They just needed to remind people about how great the experience was. So they decided to utilize a new form of advertising called geofencing marketing.
The client specifically wanted to target 10 – 15 local hotels and tourist areas that were within walking distance, up to 1 mile from the restaurant. So our team created a high targeted geofencing plan that included some site retargeting and geofencing advertising.
We also placed a conversion zone around the client’s restaurant so we could measure foot traffic back to their location. So to say the least, we didn’t expect these results after just 5 days of advertising.
Over the course of 5 days, the campaign drove over 70 restaurant visitors from the tourist areas and hotels at an average cost per visit of $5.00. In addition, our team was able to compare the restaurant’s natural foot traffic from those same areas (those people who never saw their ads) to the campaign foot traffic (the people who saw their ads and came back to their restaurant).
Over the course of 5 days, the client experienced a 300% increase in foot traffic from those geofenced locations.
Date May 30, 2018
Category: Restaurants, Internet Marketing, Geofencing, Retail & Franchises

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