Internet Marketing Services: Geofencing

Geofencing Introduction

As business owners pull together marketing strategies and methods, they notice that their options are either too saturated or they need to continue innovating to build the ideal conversion funnel for their business. Advertisers try to find the perfect marketing solution that will singularly grow their business. There are a few out there but difficult to find.

That is where Geofencing marketing comes in!

Geofencing is one of the new kids on the block. Despite being around for the last 10 years, marketers have not had the access to utilize geofencing for hyperlocal marketing purposes...until recently.

The most advanced, location based, geofencing mobile advertising is based on people’s physical activities and the places they go.

Where do your most qualified customers go or congregate

before they come to you?

Our geofencing marketing technology allows for advertisers to reach users wherever they go including your competitor’s locations, your own store front, or events they attend.

Who Geofencing is Perfect For:

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