Internet Marketing Services: Live Chat Solutions

An Intelligent messaging platform that helps businesses generate more leads, close sales faster, and improve client service.


Never miss an opportunity again. Your virtual sales assistant is an A.I. driven chatbot who engages every website visitor, asks qualifying questions, and captures lead details – 24/7/365

We blend the power of artificial intelligence with human intelligence to maximize the effectiveness of live chat and SMS for sales success. Think of this as your smart sales assistant, working 24/7 to help you capture and qualify more leads. We invite your website visitors to start a conversation. The right member of your team is notified and can chat back instantly from any device. If your team is not available, your A.I. driven bot will ask qualifying questions, collect contact details, and can even schedule appointments for you.

•Hybrid Live Chat - Take over from your virtual sales assistant to chat live with your visitors and leads. Get notified based on qualification level, so you only jump into the conversations that matter.

•Secure & Encrypted - Our platform has been developed with user and data security at the forefront – including authentication via SHA, TLS Encryption, and server isolation. Rest assured, we take security seriously.

•Industry Expertise - Select and customize the industry-specific lead generation script for your virtual sales assistant to follow. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses generate more leads.

•Intelligent Lead Routing - Leads are automatically routed based on qualifiers to the right location, department, and teammate for follow up. Get notified via email, text, and browser push notifications.

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